VanDusen, the Vancouver Botanical Garden

VanDusen, the Vancouver Botanical Garden

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The VanDusen Botanical Garden is a splendid one Botanical Garden located in the heart of Vancouver has been open to the public since 1975 and is among the botanical gardens most famous in the world. It occupies an area of ​​over 22 hectares and houses a collection of 7.5000 different species. Visitors will be able to admire plants from all continents.

The Vancouver Botanical Garden is designed to offer the visitor a unique and unforgettable experience, each sector, avenue or path, is characterized by plant species typical of the same family or a geographical area, an example is the fantastic Chinese Himalayan garden. The botanical garden incorporates small lakes, beautiful rock gardens and lookout points from where you can admire the landscape of Vancouver and the mountains that surround it.

Those who love nature cannot do without visit the VanDusen Botanical Garden but this place is also the perfect destination for lovers of architecture. The Botanical Garden Visitor Center was designed by Perkins + Will, in collaboration with Landscape architects Sharp & Diamond and Cornelia Hahn Oberlander. What is incredible aboutarchitecture of the Middle? The project was created specifically to exceed environmental standards and obtain LEED Platinum certification.

The property occupies an area of ​​164 square meters and is a building carbon neutral thanks to on-site renewable energy production and energy-efficient design. Could not miss the green roof which incorporates plants of all types and shapes "ecological zones " connected to the ground floor by a ramp made of natural materials.

L'water it is important both for the use of sanitary services and for irrigation ... so a 300,000-liter tank is able to collect and filter rainwater which is then redistributed to the structure.

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