Stella arrives, the solar-powered vehicle

Solar energy is destined to play a leading role in the transport sector. We talk aboutsolar vehicles, photovoltaic highways and solar powered charging stations. What links the transport sector to solar energy are not just theoretical concepts or projects: work has begun in the Netherlands involving the setting up of 200 solar charging stations forvehicleselectric, the last of the 200 EV filling stations will be installed no later than 2015!

And while the American companySolar Roadwaysintroduces the idea of ​​setting up a photovoltaic highway, a team of 22 students from the University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands, presented Stella, asolar vehiclewith great potential for commercial profitability.

Stella is asolar vehiclewhich can boast of being the first four-seater car powered by solar energy. L'solar carit has a range of 600 kilometers allowed not only by the high efficiency of the electric motor but also by the lightness of the construction materials: carbon fiber and aluminum. The car is highly aerodynamic, so much so that its shapes differ greatly from those of avehicleconventional. In fact thesolar carit has nothing conventional: driving is made possible thanks to a dynamic steering wheel, a backlit LED touch screen display replaces any knob or button.

Thesolar vehiclewas the protagonist of the World Solar Challenge,competition that takes place every two years since 1987 and for this 2013 embraces the theme ofsolar cars, or rather, electric cars that can independently generate their "fuel"Through photovoltaic energy. CompetitionWorld Solar Challengeit will end next October and, of the projects presented to date, Stella is undoubtedly one of the most captivating. To see thesolar vehiclein action watch the video below!

Video: Solar-powered car arrives in Sydney (November 2021).