Photovoltaic garden lamps

Thephotovoltaic garden lampsthey are very useful especially because they eliminate the need to connect the lighting system to the electricity grid. In this article we point out some models ofphotovoltaic garden lampseasily available on the market. Who is not looking forphotovoltaic lampsbut it is on the hunt for brighter solar cell street lamps, you can consult the article dedicated tolighting systems with photovoltaicsor you can contact the official dealers of garden spotlights.

Tiffany solar lamp
It is a solar-powered lantern with a metal support rod about one meter long. The lamp has a diameter of 15 cm and a height of 23 cm. It can be easily planted in the garden and is perfect for lighting up flower beds after dark. The lamp is offered by the dealer specializing in garden itemsBakkerand from the catalog has a price of 18.95 euros.


Hummingbird-shaped solar lamps set
Those who want to liven up the garden can do so by adding a set of photovoltaic garden lampsin the shape of a hummingbird: the wings move thanks to the wind while the light is collected by small solar cells integrated into the support rod. The two-piece set is offered by Bakker at a price of 24.95 euros.

Retro solar lamps
A set of 4 lamps is offered for € 27.95. Solar-powered garden lamps are perfect to be placed along a flower bed or to signal the entrance.

Cayenne solar lighting
These photovoltaic garden lampsthey are perfect for lighting the driveway both for their shape and for their economy: a pack of 10 pieces costs around 30 euros. The lamps turn on automatically when the sun goes down.


Solar flower lamp
A solar-powered lamp integrated in the center of a flower basket: just plant the stem in the ground to install the light source and the basket where you can plant your favorite flowers. The price is around 25 euros.

Bright pebbles
It is not a question of realphotovoltaic garden lampsbut they perform more or less the same function. The task of the luminous pebbles is not to cast light, rather the solar-powered luminous pebbles serve to mark a path. A pack of 100 pebbles (about 2.5 cm in diameter) costs only 11 euros. The pebbles absorb the light during the day and release it at night, creating a fluorescent effect. Such pebbles can also be placed in planters and pots.


Photovoltaic lamps with garden gnomes
Those who love garden gnomes will not be able to do without them: each gnome is sitting on a mushroom that diffuses light: during the day the solar cells accumulate energy and at dusk the lamps are activated automatically. Each lamp costs 10 euros.

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