Solar Bag: the sun in a bag

The Solar Bag are bags that shine with their own light, illuminated from the inside thanks to a very simple system based on the potential and advantages of photovoltaic. Ecological and precious: one Solar Bag it is no longer a bag containing objects, but a luminous casket capable of embellishing what is around it.

What is the secret? Inside the Solar Bag there is a mini panel - more or less the size of a mobile phone - which guarantees not only the zero impact lighting of the bag but also the charging, via USB, of smartphones, digital cameras, tablets, iPods.


Solar Bag it is a must to admire and wear, a gesture of love dedicated to an audience that is to say ... sunny. Strictly in eco material, the Solar Bag - patented objects - they are beautiful and shiny like the sun of Sicily. Because the author is Sicilian, Marzia Paladino known as LadyLed, as well as her father who has been working in the sector for years.

The Solar Bag there are five for now. Five unique pieces created in perfect 'Sicilian hand made' style, hand-sewn as a result of what the author has defined as a 'conceptual and material experimentation'. The drawings, as well as signed by the author, have been viewed and approved by engineers and technicians.

The Solar Bag they work, they are not only beautiful and represent an idea that has been transformed into an object, complete with its own identity, its own story that was just waiting to be told, or rather, worn.


The Solar Bag concretize the ambitious idea of ​​capturing light, even more difficult if combined with the desire and the challenge is to coordinate it with tulle, lace, velvet, satin, silk, vintage buttons, cotton, colored stones, electrical material and objects of origin from recycling.

Difficult but not impossible if you like LadyLed have the talent of giving shape to light: whether it is a clutch bag or shoulder bag, buckets or shoppers, bags or clutches, in Solar Bag the combination of material and LED dominates through inserts with attention to detail that draw the line of the bag, in steel fabric, wrapping it with a fascinating game of folds and movements.

Video: Solar Bag (October 2021).