GreenPrint, saves you paper and ink

It is a program available for both Mac and Windows, it helps you print your documents by minimizing the consumption of paper and ink by making you save energy and money and above all, it will help you fight the phenomenon of tree felling.

The software analyzes each page of your documents and at the time of printing, it optimizes the spaces: it identifies the wasted characters - too many spaces - and the pages that have only a few sentences, after the analysis the software will propose the same but optimized document. There is no more appropriate name than "greenprint " which literally means "green print".

Let's see together what green print does to guarantee a energy saving:
- Detect semi-blank pages, pages with spam and all unwanted sheets before they are printed
-analyses and highlights the pages that have the typical characteristics of wasteful people, that is those pages that will soon end up in the waste because perhaps they are occupied only by a few words.
- if you are printing from the internet, optimize the page and remove the images before printing so that you can save ink
-you do create PDF files almost automatically. One click is enough to transform a web page into a pdf file optimized for printing
- it will show you how many pages you have saved, both in numerical and larger terms by keeping track of your activities, in fact, the application will show you how many trees you have saved and also in terms of saving money

The software will show you the print you intend to do in two versions, the traditional one and the optimized one. It will then be up to you to choose which one to use. Try to remember though, that with the version of green Print you will save money, save trees, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and participate actively in reducing waste. The optimization technology exploited by the software is pending to be patented.

Don't think that save energy it will make you have a poorer finished product, indeed. We tried the software to print a classic web page. The result? The program "limited" itself to eliminating the url, banner, logos and legal jargon at the bottom of the page. The result? It saved us two pages and a lot of ink. It is a concrete example of energy saving intelligent.

The software costs just over 10 euros and with an added euro, the company - which has had accreditation from publications such as "The Wall Street Journal", "CNBC" and "CNN" - will plant a tree named after you.

Video: How to save paper, trees, and ink using GreenPrint (January 2022).