Coffee with lemon, against headaches and more

The first time you hear match coffee with lemon, you make a face and think it is a metaphor or a saying, like goats and cabbages, and instead it soon turns out that we are faced with an excellent remedy against headaches as well as having an interesting flavor that, if well proposed, it can please you a lot. Let's take a closer look at what happens when mixing coffee with lemon and how to do it correctly.

Coffee with lemon for headache

Coffee alone against headaches does little, indeed sometimes it even increases it, but associated with lemon it can transform itself into a substance friend of headache sufferers. The juice of this citrus fruit, on the other hand, is already a well-known precious ingredient that is often proposed as a home remedy for other ailments, including those involvingdigestive or intestinal system.

Many of you will have been advised to have a glass of hot water with a dozen drops of lemon juice to relieve the migraine or at least to reduce its intensity when it is so strong that we can not even leave the house. . It works especially when the headache it is linked to the formation of air in the stomach, lemon tea is also often used, to be sipped about 3 or 4 times a day. To all these remedies already known and tested we want to add this most unknown and that can really be an ace in the hole to pull off when we can't take it anymore, when we don't know where to turn our head, to stop feeling sore. This winning but unsuspected combination is not an urban or peasant legend, there are scientific reasons for its success.

One of the main causes of headaches isenlargement of blood vessels and caffeine has a vasoconstricting effect, so it reverses this enlargement and decreases the effects. And then there is the lemon, which is a bit of a magical ingredient, has many beneficial effects thanks to the presence of essential oils which, for example, are precious for those who do not digest well. Solving stomach problems very often at the base of the headache. L'citric acid contained in lemon juice helps to salify caffeine and thus increases its absorption in the intestine. So here's how the coffee with lemon becomes an excellent remedy. Clearly it cannot be used as often as you can sip tea with lemon, or water, because despite the action of lemon, coffee remains coffee and consumed too often is not good for headaches or to other.

The effect of the remedy we are going to experience depends a lot on the cause of the headache so before deceiving ourselves, let's try at least a couple of times without ever exaggerating. Let's take one cup of black coffee and squeeze half of a lemon, mix well and drink while it is hot but without it being too hot. If it works, you should notice it in 30 minutes.

Headache and natural remedies

The "correct" coffee with lemon is just one of the many remedies available to us when a person has some headache attacks. It is important to try to understand the cause because obviously some are more suitable in one situation rather than another. The reason for suffering from headaches is not always very clear, it can also be a mix of factors. Stress, lack of sleep, distraction, bowel problems. In addition to our coffee with lemon, rest and a regular pace of life are certainly the best natural remedy that exists, then there are other interesting measures to take into account.

For example, not many people link glutamate-rich cooking cube with headache attacks, yet it can cause it. Eating too many industrial foods containing it is therefore something to be avoided, as is the use of prepackaged products and too much Chinese cuisine. Another dietary precaution concerns cured meats which with their nitrites are not a cure-all. Even alcohol, as you can imagine, is not good for you, and in particular red wine and vodka because they are rich in histamine, a frequent cause of headache attacks. At the table the best thing is to eat regularly, never too late in the evening, and keep the amount of fats and carbohydrates low, without ever eliminating them. We never miss salmon, cod, mackerel and blue fish, rich in Omega-3.

Coffee with lemon: how to prepare it

In addition to the classic anti headache recipe, based on coffee and lemon, we can also indulge ourselves and prepare something more eccentric with the same basic ingredients. We take a still empty coffee cup and rub one inside lemon zest. At this point, pour our normal hot coffee adding a little sugar and another peel, only the yellow part, to prevent everything from taking on a bitter taste.

A second idea is to make a kind of syrup with the coffee by putting to boil 40 g of water with 80 g of sugar and the outermost peel of 1 lemon cut into strips. Once the sugar has been dissolved, we let our gourmet mix cool and put in the fridge overnight. In the morning we can filter and use our special syrup to sweeten the coffee, hot or cold. This special recipe also goes well with cappuccino.

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