LaPerm cat: characteristics and origins

Wavy and thick coat of curls of the most varied and unpredictable lengths, sweet and affectionate but lively character: here is the LaPerm cat. This feline is originally from the United States, we can meet it for the first time in Oregon.

LaPerm cat: hair and weight

The hair it is certainly the first of the characteristics to note and to point out in this breed of cats, because it is beautiful and also rebellious since it can be short, corkscrew, or long and silky. It forms very particular rings that can be very small or wider and more breathing. To keep this important coat, it is necessary to take care of it and brush it often, almost a day and one not, so as to prevent it from flattening and the curls, almost like a hairdresser's, from ruining. When, rarely, we find ourselves bathing this curly cat, it is essential not to use the hair dryer which would make the hair grow and full of inextricable knots. Better to dry it with a cloth, dabbing gently.

The LaPerm cat has a weight which may vary between 3.5 kg and 5.5 kg, a lot also depends on sex but in general we certainly can't talk about a skinny cat. He has a sturdy structure and also robust health, hardly ever gets sick and lives a long time. This is also thanks to its rustic origins because in fact it derives from a genetic variation observed on country cats.

It can be safely kept at home, despite its active spirit, because on the other hand it is a cat that loves company and gets pampered. He does not give particular problems, he is obedient and relates to men, he wants attention but is not nagging and knows how to respect the spaces of the family. He loves to play and keeps company, he is sociable even with strangers and affectionate.

LaPerm cat: origins

As we mentioned, the LaPerm cat was born on an American farm. In the early 1980s, a natural mutation was observed in a litter of country cats in Oregon, which appeared spontaneously. Over the years it has been studied and a selection has been made in order to create an independent breed with this original coat and with a balanced character and well disposed towards man. In the United States, this breed has started to spread from the very beginning but, even if not several years have passed, it has not yet managed to break through. In Europe it is practically unknown, except for those who closely follow cats and the many types that exist in the world.

LaPerm cat: physical characteristics

The breed was made official after it stabilized and this has happened quite recently. In fact, initially almost all the young in a litter, one in ten on average, were born hairless. To see the hair full of curls which we have described as a breed mark, it was necessary to wait at least three months but sometimes even four or five.

By selecting more and more accurately, it has come to have kittens already with the hair but the coat each time can be presented with very different designs and colors. Curls aside, the colors are also spectacular and make it look like the LaPerm cat a limited edition plush.

If the hair is long, it is full of curls everywhere and a collar with wavy hair may also appear. On the contrary, if the hair is short, it has neither curls nor a collar and can be a bit rough. The same specimen, from month to month or from season to season, can have the long and short hair, age also affects the length of the hair.

Let's move on to see the rest of the body, hair apart, indeed, under the hair. Net of the curls, the LaPerm cat he can sport a sturdy physique but by no means stocky or clumsy. It is a lithe and elegant animal. It has a medium size and compact appearance but is well proportioned.

The tail is long but very fine, even if covered with wavy hair which only gives it a slightly swollen appearance. The paws instead are really thin and give this cat a athletic appearance. They end with round and not too large feet.

Let's move on to the head which shows a prominent snout. In the wedge-shaped form, curled eyebrows and mustaches stand out, as well as ears which are large and wide at the base. They are positioned so that they snack well spaced and are very mobile. Big are also the eyes that have one slightly almond shape and appear affectionate, particularly expressive

LaPerm cat: character

In this case it is not true that every hedgehog is a whim because the LaPerm cat he appears almost like a little dog as far as he is bound to his master and is faithful and meek. Those who raise it with love can even train it so that it responds to the call. Sweet and faithful, intelligent and active, he is affectionate with the members of his family and gets along well. It is easy to insert it even when there are children with whom he is patient and eager to play.

Cohabitation of LaPerm with other cats and dogs

The LaPerm cat after an initial distrust he has no particular problems of coexistence with other cats, especially if he can maintain his own exclusive private space. The relationship with another cat therefore depends, as often happens, on the character of the other.

The coexistence of the LaPerm cat with a dog it can have even more positive results than with another cat. However, it remains important that both furry friends have their own private space available.

LaPerm cat: constitution, diseases and longevity

The LaPerm cat he has a robust constitution and is not predisposed to any particular disease. It can reach 20 years of age in health, with the usual periodic checks by the veterinarian to check for the onset of any pathologies.

LaPerm price

The cost of a LaPerm cat varies between 800 and 1,500 Euros, in relation to the characteristics and lineage of the individual specimen and in relation to age.

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