Night anxiety: physical symptoms

Night anxiety it does not just mean anxiety, it is a particular form of this disorder that appears at a certain time and with particular characteristics. It is not certain that it is a problem that afflicts people who are anxious by nature, on the contrary, at night it may happen that the most "zen" ones find themselves overwhelmed by all those worries that in the light of the sun they did not feel at all, before the envious eyes of those who were born anxious and are anxious 24 hours a day.

Night anxiety

L'night anxiety it remains in ambush and comes out into the open at dusk, when the daily commitments that distract us drop and we are more "free" to worry and agitate. It often happens, even to those who do not suffer from night anxiety, that i empty moments, when the mind can wander, you become more prey to negative thoughts.

The anxiety that reigns in the mind at night gets ready in the afternoon, quietly, and is an inexorable crescendo that reaches its climax just when, in the dark and in the silence, it is often not possible to call anyone for a little live comfort.

In the late afternoon it manifests itself as a sense of annoying restlessness, then it turns into real tightly linked anxiety to sleeplessness at night. There are also acute cases that lead to panic attacks in the middle of the night.

Night anxiety: physical symptoms

This type of anxiety is a feeling that you have and that it also has physical consequences. They can vary from person to person but some are very typical of the phenomenon. I refer for example to widespread pains or localized to the chest, palpitations and heart in the throat, breathlessness, headache attacks and tremors.

There are those who recommend doing a lot physical activity during the day to avoid or to dampen the effects of night anxiety, an alternative is to learn techniques for managing stress.

Night anxiety natural remedies

THE more effective remedies for night anxiety require a commitment during the day: right at sunlight you can act so that you can then sleep peacefully, without anxiety and panic attacks. The causes of this problem must be contrasted with natural remedies, the most common are the difficulty relaxing, the presence of unresolved conflicts compared to past events, the excess of excess of physical and mental energies do not use during the day.

Once the cause has been identified, we also arrive at the most suitable natural remedy which can be a herbal tea and good yoga breathing, psychological therapy, physical activity that makes you tired a little during the day. Also the environment affects on our mood, day and night, so let's make it pleasant by furnishing it to the fullest.

For nighttime anxiety I recommend one Night Lighting lamp complete with a projector, available for 24 euros on Amazon, and so magical, with its stellar effects, to make forget all worries. Seeing is believing.

Night anxiety and sweating

One of the most common physical symptoms for nighttime anxiety is night sweats. Not pleasant, which can be remedied, but if it is a consequence of anxiety, it is better to act on anxiety. To learn more about the nature of the night sweats and learn about the best natural remedies, there is our dedicated article.

Night anxiety and tachycardia

When this anxiety creates the conditions for it to occur a panic attack, here may appear tachycardia and the feeling of having the heart in the throat. A feeling to be explored in the dedicated article.

Night anxiety and dyspnoea

There dyspnea it is possible effect of night anxiety. Don't you know him? Then read what it means sleep apnea, in all its variants.

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