Electric motorcycle: the excellence of Zero Motorcycles

There electric motorcycle is enjoying growing success among enthusiasts, thanks to advances in technology that guarantees increasingly interesting performances and increasing autonomy.

There electric motorcycle is an ecological vehicle that allows you to eliminate harmful emissions and noise pollution, ideal for fans of ecotourism who wish to move around the area with an impact close to zero.

Today I have the pleasure of presenting the range of electric motorcycles proposed by Zero Motorcycles, a company born in a garage in Santa Cruz and today it has become an international excellence that produces high-performance, light, effective and fast motorcycles.

The Z-Force ™ electric powertrain is the heart of all models, together with the rigid aluminum frame, a material used in the aviation industry, to ensure maximum lightness.

Among the new features introduced on all 2015 models, the Showa suspension, fully adjustable that guarantee better comfort and greater control of the bike, allowing a softer and more refined ride.

The electric motorcycles Zero Motorcycles are also the first series-produced electric motorcycles equipped with ABS, with the Bosch ABS anti-lock braking system, which guarantees braking in confined spaces, preventing the wheels from locking.

Showa suspension and Bosh brakes for Zero Motorcycles' electric bikes

All Zero Motorcycles electric motorcycle models are fitted Pirelli tires high performance, which combine excellent grip and long life.

Autonomy is another god strengths of Zero Motorcycles: the capacity of the battery pack has increased in all new models and, thanks to the PowerPower Tank accessory, the new Zero S ZF12.5 can travel up to 298 km in the urban cycle, positioning itself as the electric motorcycle with the greater autonomy available on the market.

Zero Motorcycles has no doubts about the quality of its products so much to offer the most comprehensive battery warranty of the entire electric motorcycle industry: 5 years or 160,000 km (whichever comes first) on the 2015 Zero S, Zero SR and Zero DS models and 5 years / 80,000 km for the FX model.

There battery charging is very simple and it can be done using any 10 Ampère socket or via the quick-charger if you need a quick recharge.

Strengthened by the quality of its products, Zero Motorcycles has also invested in the distribution network so that three dealers are already active to serve customers in Rome, Milan, Bolzano, Trento and Verona. New dealerships will soon be opened in Veneto, Emilia Romagna and Piedmont and to follow in the other regions of Italy.

If you want to try a Zero Motorcycle electric motorcycle, all you have to do is fill in and submit the appropriate electronic form available on the official website.

But let's get to the 4 new models available:

Zero S, the basic model that quickly reaches speeds of over 150 km / h and guarantees autonomy in the urban cycle of up to 298 km, thanks to the Power Tank accessory.

Zero SR, created for speed and acceleration lovers, it guarantees up to 25% more power and 56% more torque, reaching an engine torque of 144Nm that allows acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 3 , 3 seconds and a maximum speed, limited for energy consumption reasons, of 160 km / h.

Zero DS, designed to be agile on dirt roads, overcoming any obstacle while maintaining effortless control, thanks to a direct torque transmission system, fully adjustable Showa suspension and Pirelli MT-60 enduro tires.

Zero FX for those who want top performance, with a frame derived from off-road models thanks to which Zero Motorcycles has won numerous championships and equipped with the most advanced Z-Force® technology.

List prices currently available on the official Zero Motorcycles website depart from 10,390 Euros for the Zero FX up to 18,290 Euros for the Zero SR.

Climbing the stairs with the Zero FX? Nothing simpler! :-)

Always on Zero Motorcycles official website find all the information and technical features of the various models and i video with the direct user experiences who bought one electric motorcycle Zero Motorcycles.

Also interesting is the section that describes all the advantages of an electric motorcycle that in a few years are able to amortize the initial cost higher than that necessary to buy a traditional gasoline motorcycle.

Here, for example, in this infographic “15 things you will no longer do by buying a Zero Motorcycles electric motorcycle, with the related substantial monetary savings:

Before closing this article and leaving you to the detailed contents available on the official website, I anticipate this beautiful official video below to show you "a first taste" of the Zero DS:

Not bad, huh? :-)

In addition to the 4 electric motorcycle models available to the public, there are also models specially designed for law enforcement and the army who have immediately grasped the many advantages, compared to a petrol-powered motorcycle, including the possibility of patrolling in areas with no transit for combustion engine vehicles (natural parks, beaches, etc.) and maintenance costs reduced by up to 80% compared to a traditional motorcycle.

Video: 2020 Zero S. No License No Problem in Europe (November 2021).