X2, mobility in extreme balance

What if the cars were made to order to avoid traffic jams? This was the lighting of the Korean designer Yeon-woo Seong, specialized in the automotive industry sector. The designer conceived one double face car, perfect for more conventional motorists but above all for those who want an extreme form of balance. The car was designed to adapt to the most extreme traffic situations, but what it means to own a car double face? The motorist will never need to reverse or the so-called "U-turn“, He just needs to change seats as there are two seats for the driver, with two driving positions, two steering wheels, two gearboxes, positioned exactly in the opposite direction. The car is perfectly symmetrical, the rear of the car can transform into the front and vice versa.

The driver can head in any direction he wants, just choose the driver's seat that suits his needs. As for the car's tires, they will rotate according to the direction of traffic. L'car is futuristic not only in design but also in the technologies it is equipped with. To facilitate driving, it is equipped with a camera that projects images from the rear to the driver, obviously the video camera is also able to rotate. The engine is electric and the battery is high performance and rechargeable via a wireless system. The car was named X2 to evoke the feeling that the motorist will experience when driving it, which, according to the designer: "to drive it, it will seem to own two cars". The car design is in contention for the award 2012 Michelin Challenge Design.

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