CRESCO by Sodalitas: a project for sustainability

CRESCO by Sodalitas: a project for sustainability

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The CRESCO project in the Municipality of Gorgonzola

CRESCO Compatible Growth is the project started in 2010 by Sodalitas Foundation with the aim of creating an innovative alliance in Italy between businesses, municipalities, citizens and universities to move from one sustainability predicated to a sustainability practiced.

I CRESCO it is developed in some municipalities at high environmental sustainability, which take the title of CRESCO Island. Through an agreement with the Municipality - Mayor and competent Councilors - and the involvement of local stakeholders, the project focuses on the most effective interventions for each specific territory, and identifies the companies to be involved among those participating in the project.

The interventions are developed with the scientific contribution of Politecnico di Milano, which also supports the measurement of the impact generated by I CRESCO thanks to the interventions on the territory. To date they are Isole Cresco il Municipality of Abbiategrasso (MI), the Municipality of Calusco d’Adda (BG), on Municipality of Carugate (MI), the Municipality of Gorgonzola (MI), the Municipality of Morbegno (SO), the Municipality of Saronno (IT GOES).

"The need to promote economic development capable of protecting the environment and its resources cannot be a concern of only a few individuals and some large companies" he declared Alexander Bede, Project Manager I CRESCO for the Sodalitas Foundation, as part of the recent "Exhibition of Corporate Social Responsibility - From Saying to Doing". "It is necessary to grow integrated networks of people, companies and local institutions that promote the growth of a shared knowledge of sustainability, and translate it into concrete behaviors practiced every day by an increasingly large number of citizens".

The project I CRESCO has brought to the territory 15 theatrical performances dedicated to the themes ofpower, ofwater and gods waste; 2 rounds of meetings Virtuoso building to learn how to read your electricity or gas bills, how to make the best use of household appliances and how to insulate your home; 1 edition of Competition "Heroes and heroines of sustainability" for secondary school students.

The CRESCO project is carried on by Sodalitas Foundation in synergy with Politecnico di Milano, with the support of Lombardy region and with the participation of ANCI, Legambiente, Cittadinanzattiva, Eni Enrico Mattei Foundation is Engineering without Borders. The partner companies are 27: ABB, Autogrill, Banca Popolare di Milano, Bracco, Coca Cola HBC Italia, Conad Centro Nord, DNV Business Assurance, Edison, Enel, Eni, FIAT Research Center, Filca Cooperative, IBM Italia Foundation, Henkel, Holcim Italia, Indesit Company, Italcementi, Lexmark, Novamont, Osram, Pirelli, Roche Diagnostics, Siemens, STMicroelectronics, Syngenta, Telecom Italia, Vodafone Italia.

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