The EU rejects the decrees on renewables

The EU rejects the decrees on renewables

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The European Commission rejects the decrees on renewables proposed by Italy. The Italian bureaucracy is difficult, sometimes even impossible. The reductions in incentive rates and the introduction of the register on renewables are the main points of demerit. The Fifth Energy Account.

For Italian companies, one of the main burdens is the high cost of bureaucracy. The new decree schemes on incentives for photovoltaics and other electric renewables cause discussion. Excessive Italian bureaucracy would make it difficult, if not impossible, to find funding for green projects.

The criticism comes from the EU in reference to the introduction of the register which all renewable energy plants, even small ones, should necessarily register. Registration in the register is mandatory in order to apply to incentives on renewables.

There are numerous criticisms leveled at the Italian government, among others, Europe asks Italy to take immediate action on the thermal renewables andenergy efficiency. In Italy, the decrees concerning theenergy efficiency and thermal renewables are still in hiding, there is no clarity and the support system for energy efficiency projects is faltering: the Italian government must clearly define the objectives for 2020 on the system of White certificates.

According to EU criticism, Italy's flaws concern:
- energy efficiency
- the introduction of the register
- the reduction of the incentive rates
- thermal renewables

With the introduction of the register, the bureaucratic process that must be followed when requesting incentives on renewables. Valerio Natalizia, president of Anie-Gifi, comments on the role of the register as follows: "a system that has repeatedly demonstrated its inefficiency and does not serve to control spending but only to create bureaucratic complications for operators and therefore increase management costs ... But if the Government intends to maintain it, at least we foresee an increase in the access threshold to 200 kW».

Hope on Fifth Energy Account is that it is modified in order to restore the 7 billion euro budget to incentivize the photovoltaic sector. The European Commission rejects the decrees on renewables and there has been no shortage of comments from Italian MEPs. Between these, Oreste Rossi which closely follows the issue of energy costs.

MEP Rossi has very often attacked the work of the Brussels executive but this time he agrees with the criticisms of the European Commission and in a note he states: "The European Commission did well to curry Italy on the decree on renewables asking for a reduction in administrative procedures that end up complicating access to incentives".

edited by Anna De Simone

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