Sexy Green Lingerie

Sexy lingerie? Why choose the usual materials that in addition to polluting also irritate the skin? There are numerous lines of underwear 100% organic. Cotton and other organic materials aren't just made for grandma's boring lingerie, I can give a lot and show it is sexy lingerie shows sustainable

Among the most comfortable brands we find Bazsarózsa, specialized in organic cotton offers underwear directly from New York, this is where Bazsarózsa designs and produces underwear and swimwear that you can show off this summer by the sea.


Panties, thongs but also bodices and bras with an impeccable design. The lines proposed by Bazsarózsa they are very sober but in the landscape of eco-sustainable lingerie there are also those who want to dare. It is the case of Urban Fox, direct from St. Louis and Chicago. Lizzie Cook and Megan Fox play with organic cotton, bamboo fibers and labor, as this lingerie line has been handcrafted.

There is no shortage of boxers and men's briefs with "GMO Free Underwear ", of course there could be a pinch of malice in wearing a tight boxer that says "GMO Free". A organic cotton raw material created to obtain a "soft" effect on the skin. In this case we are talking about the collection "Other places organicotton". There is also a lot of malice on the American Apparel women's briefs, which in the foreground show an abbreviation that reads "Eat Organic", "Eat Organic".


Other sustainable lines are made with materials such as hemp and soy derivatives. The collection Jezebelle has proposed an evergreen (the term ever-green has never been used more appropriately !!) in black and white but it is also worth mentioning Enamore and the beautiful collection proposed by MYA RECYCLED PINE UNDERTHINGS with her undergarments made from recycled materials. What kind of material? Scraps of tree pruning, precisely, pine. The result is a line as soft as silk, giving a feeling of cashmere. Everything was done in a small village in France.

Photo Credit | Jezebelle

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