Is the Champions League returning to the San Siro?

Is the Champions League returning to the San Siro?

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In the year of the Expo, the Champions League final could be held in Italy. In May 2015, when the match will take place with which the cup will be awarded to the winner of the Champions League, Milan will be at the center of world attention. On the one hand, the beginning of theExpo 2015 and on the other hand, the football supporters could get ready to occupy the San Siro stadium.

So Milan is a candidate to host the Champions League final in the year of 'Expo 2015. The announcement was made on August 1, during a press conference at Casa Italia, the headquarters of the Italian team for the London Olympic Games. The announcement was made by Franco Corrado, president of the committee Expo in Sports.

For the occasion ofExpo 2015, Milan will be ready to show off its best face. A more efficient transport system will be completed and the infrastructure system that will facilitate the reception of fans will be set up. The news of the candidacy of the San Siro, for the Champions League final, was welcomed with great satisfaction by the mayor of Milan and extraordinary government commissioner for Expo Milan 2015, Giuliano Pisapia.

Sport, nutrition and wellness are links in the same chain, the chain that links Milan to the Expo and the one that could link the slogan of the Exposition "Feeding the Planet energy for life“, To the Champions League final. The last Champions League final held at the San Siro was Bayer Monaco-Valencia and it has been more than 10 years since then. The football fans are mainly composed of young people and theExpo 2015 together with sport, they have the duty to educate young people to life, to sustainability and above all to correct nutrition.

Also enthusiastic was the president of the hoteliers in Milan, Alberto Sangregorio who states: "It is with initiatives of this caliber that the international image of our city is relaunched. Strengthened by a great hotel and hospitality tradition, Milan is able to cope with such demanding appointments with its own resources. In the city and province we have 42,000 rooms and almost 84,000 beds. With peaks in demand for major events. The Champions, combined with the Expo, is undoubtedly one of those unmissable events that will allow Milan to rediscover the role it deserves on the world scene ".

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