Daily eco-behaviors at home

In ecological house management the choice of efficient appliances low consumption of energy, detergents and water. A possible higher purchase price for eco-efficient models (but which are really reliable!) Will be well repaid over time in terms of savings and less pollution. According to the latest market surveys, we Italians increasingly appreciate eco appliances, but we still don't have a real awareness of how important one is green conduct within the walls of the house.

Regarding the detergents, it can be said without fear of denial that washing machines is dishwasher of good quality work at maximum performance even with only half the dose indicated on the packs. The 'melius abundare quam deficere' rule does not apply when it comes to chemicals destined to end up in drains.

The golden rule is to activate the appliances only when fully loaded, avoiding very high temperatures and pre-washes and, above all, respecting the times of lower consumption (night hours are the most suitable for washing). In this way you spend less and help avoid the peaks that are reached in peak hours of industrial consumption.

Washings above 70 ° C are only useful for disinfect the laundry from mites, therefore they should be used occasionally only for this purpose. In all other cases, temperatures around 50-60 ° C are more than sufficient and also make the fabrics last longer.

Not everyone knows that they get rid of them during washing detergent vapors, therefore it is advisable to keep the room aired or aired often. Nello iron, the steam iron with the water tank is useful because it allows you to do without the various additives and dressings for ironing, which pollute and which you can do without.

Returning to the detergents, the use of Organic products and replacing bleach with oxygen whiteners it greatly improves the ecological impact of the operation of household appliances and the consequences on our health, such as possible contact with detergent residues or their ingestion.

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