Pete Bike, leader of the electric pedal

Pete Bike is one of the largest retailers of electric bikes of all America. It has been operating in the sector since 2004 and offers the public a wide range of eBike, ready to satisfy every need. On the occasion of the Convention Interbike, held last week, Pete Bike presented three models of electric bikes.

L'Interbike is the largest gathering for the North American cycling industry, it is here that Pete Bike presented his new electric bicycle destined to become the protagonist of the services of electric bikeshare scattered throughout the country. The electric bikes are the right compromise for those who do not have the "fitness”To cross the city with a conventional bike or simply for those who do not want to get to an appointment dripping with sweat; but who needs to bring in bicycle a big load?

This is how the idea ofebike cargo, the electric bike that allows riders to carry large loads because with each pedal stroke there is the Panasonic motor to cushion the fatigue. The engine has been specially designed to allow the transport of heavy loads. The cargo exploits the system mid-drive, a special gearbox that will make the most of the assisted pedaling.

The third gem presented by Pete Bike is theeTricycle. A three-wheeled bicycle with an elegant and sensational design. It was created for adults who are at the first approach with one bicycle. Offers stability and practical and fast mobility. All three electric vehicles take advantage of Panasonic engine. The cost ofeTricycle is $ 1,950.

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