Education in Bangladesh: floating schools

Hundreds of schools, in Bangladesh, are forced to close their doors due to the torrential rain of the monsoon season. The solution comes with the floating schools solar powered. Photovoltaic panels is school education they get along very well, we have already seen it in South Africa with Samsung container schools, today we see it in Bangladesh thanks to the intervention of a non-profit organization.

Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha is a Bangladeshi non-profit association that has taken the field by building solar powered floating schools. Technically, these buildings are real boats but they have been set up to host children and provide for their education in order to solve the problem of torrential rains that submerged schools on dry land.


The monsoon season is characterized by frequent floods and stormy weather conditions that cut off the electricity supply from the grid. The floating schools they are special boats equipped with solar panels that are efficient enough to provide for the low electricity needs of the same school. What is enough is enlightenment.

Thus, schools can remain active even in the monsoon season as they will float on the flood waters of the river courses Bangladesh. Floating schools are the ideal solution: they are low cost and can integrate into the bare and essential Bangladeshi environment. It is not the first time thatrenewable energy comes to the aid of populations in particularly delicate conditions.


We saw the I-Slate, the solar-powered tablet that is helping the children of Mohd Hussainpalli's village and the photovoltaic smartphone that comes to the rescue of the Kenyan populations, programs that have nothing to do with the very Italian "the sun at school ”which has three million euro incentives. There are many initiatives and not all of them focus onsolar power, remote locations also help themselves with pedal washing machines and LED lamps capable of illuminating by drawing energy from salt water.

In the photo some floating schools of Bangladesh. Source

Video: Floating Schools in Bangladesh (January 2022).