The app to save money on your bill

If you know how much you spend onelectricity, the urge to energy efficiency it comes to you! The secret is in awareness, if you know how many money you are wasting just as you are about to leave the TV on in the room, you certainly think twice before going out without turning it off!

It is on this principle that monitoring devices such as the Current Cost have been disseminated and on this principle that some smartphone app. There are many devices to measure the electricity consumption, but not all of them monetize converting energy waste into useless waste of money. We cannot always define the number of cents for each watt of energy we are using, but we can make estimates based on our energy tariff and based on the time slot we are in.

Thus it was born MeterPlug, a device in search of financing. MeterPlug it is an accessory that looks like an adapter, it must be inserted between the electrical equipment you are using and the electrical outlet. In our example it should be placed between the TV and the electrical connection. MeterPlug collects all information about the energy consumption of the electrical appliance and forwards them to smartphone, not only that, thanks toapplication dedicated, MeterPlug will show how much that electronic device will weigh in bill.

Do you have the habit of falling asleep with the TV on? Or worse, with the computer on? Install the MeterPlug anchoring it to the electrical socket of your computer. Go to bed and throw theapp dedicated, you will discover that you are making a big mistake: you are wasting money! If you don't want to safeguard the planet, at least safeguard your wallet, Save Money it is essential in times of crisis. Furthermore, with MeterPlug you will not even have to get out of bed to turn off your PC, theapplication grants you remote control of your electrical equipment so you have the option of turning it off via the user interface of the smartphone.

The electrical outlets vary in different geographic areas. Luckily MeterPlug it is also available in a European version and if we do not want to buy many, it can be connected to a multi-plug power strip so as to add up the watts of energy consumed by several electrical appliances. A MeterPlug with relative app costs about 34 euros and can be purchased by financing the project on Indiegogo.

Daily but also weekly or monthly, you have the possibility to track yours economic saving total.

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