Nissan LEAF, the best-selling electric ever

Nissan LEAF, the best-selling electric ever

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There Nissan announced that his LEAF electric car reached a sales quota of 50,000 units. L'LEAF electric car was launched in 2010, is also marketed in Italy and has been marked as "L'electric car best-selling of all time ".

With its announcement, the Nissan sent a press release with additional details. According to the estimates of the Japanese car manufacturer, with the Nissan LEAF in circulation, over 260 million kilometers have been covered. The estimate was made by registering the vehicles to the Carwings telemetry system.

The motorist who has traveled the most kilometers aboard the Nissan LEAF it's Japanese. The pilot has covered more than 175,000 kilometers in just two years. Another Spanish driver has covered over 43,000 kilometers in one year. These data have been made public to highlight the reliability of the electric motor of the Nissan LEAF.

At the beginning of 2013, Nissan lowered the prices of its LEAF. In the USA the price was reduced by 18% making the Nissan LEAF the cheapest 5-seater electric car in the country. A price reduction has also been recorded in the UK, where it costs £ 23,490.

With its lithium-ion battery with laminated cells, the Nissan LEAF it offers a range of 175 kilometers, while, with the three-phase synchronous electric motor of 80 kW and 280 Nm of torque, it offers a top speed of 145 km / h. With these characteristics, the Nissan LEAF is commercialized in Italy to a price of 29,950 euros. The financial offers provide for a fee of 199 euros per month for three years, with an advance of around 8,000 euros.

Last January the Nissan announced that the next model of the LEAF will be equipped with an even more efficient charging system. The next LEAF will in fact be equipped with a 6.6 kW and 220 V on-board charger thanks to which charging times will be halved.

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